BIG Challenge coming.

Challenges AheadWell as I head into day 4 of my quit, I am heading into a BIG challenge. You see, I have been off work since I quit. Yep, the last day I worked this week I was able to cope with all the stress of my job with the USPS by putting a big ole’ fat dip in.

Well my days off this week over, I go back tonight (and yes I work midnights the mail is always moving) to what? A weekend full of getting Christmas presents out the door to be delivered!! This is huge, I started my quit right before probably the most stressful days during the year.

Well all days are stressful when you are told that your processing plant may close next year and you need to buy a house and are afraid to but thats another story in itself.

No point here, just some rambling and hopefully some thoughts and prayers for some extra strength tonight, I know that I will be using a lot of Jake’s Mint Chew the next couple days.
Ready, Set…….Go!

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  1. Hang in there sir… you’re well on your way. At day #4, the nicotine is officially out of your system. No matter how shitty you feel tonight realize this… YOU are in control!

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