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I’m new to this whole blog thing. Not sure how the format will differ from the KTC boards. I’ll throw this out there…

APATHY…though secure in my quit, I keep questioning my involvement with KTC. Purty well convinced that I can remain safely quit without posting daily, but keep on doing it anyway. Why? Not really sure.

theo – 812

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  1. Interesting topic for sure theo, and one that I’ve battled with in the past as well. For me it came down to one simple thing. Before I was involved in the community I was a dipper. After I got involved I was a quitter. If keeping me quit is simply a matter of me putting my name on a line and sending a couple of posts on a message board, then I’m more than willing to do that for as long as it takes.

  2. It’s a formula that works. I tell people many times who get complacent and feel they are strong enough to step away that most every caver after HOF has “come back” after caving. The highest rate of successes I’ve seen is the people who stay.

    Also, I ask anyone, now that you know what you know, how can you keep it to yourself, walk away and not help the poor guy who is a slave to this addiction? I quit for myself, buy I’m staying for way more.

  3. Just a comment from a new quitter. On day 34 right now. I feel pretty confident in my quit too, but I know there are many potential pitfalls I have to jump before I think realize that level of confidence.

    As far as KTC goes, I have two reasons to stay involved. 1: This is my 4th time to quit and ktc has definitely provided me with the tools to stay quit. I don’t want to stray from the best tool I have. I may change my mind when i’m at day 4,000, but right now I’m postin roll every day.
    2: The philosophy behind ktc has been ingrained in me and I want to be able to give back. To help with newbs and keep the vets going as well. I just coerced a guy to dump his tin and post day 1. Fabulous feeling! Helps my quit and gets his underway, can’t say enough about the community of quitters in here.

  4. Theo,
    I’ve been right where you’re at and have went on hiatus from posting roll just because I thought I had to prove something to myself. Wasn’t really anything to prove at all, and I just felt “off” not posting roll. So, it may be the only the only thing I get done on the site, but I continue to post roll every day. Might get the day wrong, might not put anything up but my name, but it’s my little stone in the wall of support that is KTC/QSX. Whether it be support for my brothers or just for me, it’s just the way I do things and it works for me. Nothing to prove, nothing to show, but a show of support. On a stoopid iTouch thingy so I’ll quit here.

  5. Theo…one of the reasons your are here and posting everyday is to give hope and inspiration to the new quitters like me. You probably don’t remember, but about 45 days ago you told me it was time to grow up…I needed that, and need all of you. That’s what you need to remember when the times come when you feel you don’t need ktc all the time,us new to this no nic thing need you all the time. I truly am not sure if would be here righ now if not what you said 9/21, and I am forever grateful…keep coming back for us…mattyc…matt

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