Convenience Stores = Convenient Reminders

Convenience Store - Tobacco WallConvenient? Yep, they’ve always been that way. Conveniently on pretty much every other corner in any major city and on every third or fourth in smaller cities. Conveniently waiting for addicts of all kinds: booze hounds, junk food junkies, etc. In fact, there’s a 7-11 less than a block away from my house. And they all conveniently keep those addicition feeders right behind the check-out counter. So unless you’re planning on bolting out the door and stealing whatever else you’re getting, you’ve got a convenient reminder to stock up on your poison of choice.

But from day 1 in my quit, I said F them. I’m not gonna let them profit from human addiction, especially my nicotine addiction, it’s just too easy. And sure, they’re just being smart capitalists in the land of dreams. But screw their dreams. I decided to make it my dream to make every convenience store I see a convenient reminder to give the big fat middle finger to their seductive temptress, the Nic B*tch.

It was hard at first— I didn’t even go into the stores. I went and paid an extra 25¢ for gum at the corner less-convenient store (they didn’t carry my ex-brand of lip dirt). I didn’t trust myself, especially in my early quit rage days. I DID stand there one night in front of my 7-11 for about five solid minutes while walking my confused dog. And I dog cussed that store not really under my breath, oblivious to how pyscho I looked to passers by.

But we finally came to an agreement. I wouldn’t visit the store until I was confident I could resist any temptation that might arise and she agreed to not be so attractively and brightly “Tokyo” with her 24/7 lights— and yes, I tore her a new one for being misnamed, considering she’s not just open from 7 AM to 11 PM and hasn’t been since the 70s. She conceded that one to me.

So now, 170 days quit (but really just quit for today, so far), I get to smile at every 7-11, Kwik Trip, Quick Trip, Kwik Fill, Kwik-E-Mart, FasMart, Stop N Go, Circle C, Majik Market, Tom Thumb, GetGo, Truck & Travel Plazas and any other stupidly named store that makes profit from addicts. Whether they’re conveniently tucked into the city corner or right off HWY 45 on my favorite exit cuz it has that express gas station restaurant combo with that place with the cheaply delicious chili dogs I love. Or it’s a Super Kwikky 30 second walk from their store to the Outfitters that always seems to have Shad Rap lures at a sales price I can’t resist.

Right before I walk in, and every time I walk out, I actually kind of chuckle at them. And thank them for being conveniently everywhere. And ALWAYS being a reminder of just how strong my quit is.

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