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Did you really “need” dip?

I ran across this statement several times today in forums: Glad I don’t need dip/chew/cigs anymore. One thing I’ve learned since I quit 133 days ago was that I never needed that can of copenhagen. Tobacco needed me. To put money in Big Tobacco’s pockets. The addiction needed me, not the other way around. That is a mindset that quitters need to distinguish so they can successfully quit this serious life threatening addiction. Not a bad habit, not something that you need to get through a divorce, meeting, snowstorm, or boredom.

Once I made this realization, I was ready to quit and I need to quit every day. One day at a time. I need to promise to myself, my wife and my friends every day that I will not dip. I do so because I am an addict and I cannot let my guard down for one day. Or for one hour. I wake up and quickly make this promise. That way the nicotene temptation is easier to deal with. I’ve already made the promise that I won’t dip today so I will not. I can not. I keep my word.

Quitting is not impossible, first realize you’re an addict. Then make a daily promise to not use nicotene. Keep your word.

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  1. Outstanding sir – it’s amazing how stupid we were and how much dumb stuff we did cause we “needed” our fix. So much better to be on this side of our addiction isn’t it?

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