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Say HeyIn my time being a member of www.killthecan.org I have received hundreds of messages, the over whelming majority containing a positive message of some sort.  I don’t mean that in a soft way, we all quit today and if we signed roll we had better be prepared to live up to it.  I still remember my first couple months here, still trying to figure it all out, who was helpful, who was a pain, but overall it always was interesting to see how people interact on the site.  There are probably hundreds of people who post roll, solidify their quit for the day, and take off.  They always say, “take what you need and leave the rest”.  I can tell you I admire those that do that, did what I needed to, got it out of my head and went on.  You never see them drop an opinion on anything, in fact they probably have the same number of posts as days quit.  I bet if you asked anyone of them to do something for you they would do it, no questions asked.  I see people like that here everyday but they are some of the strongest at this place.  You look for them, makes you feel good because they are there every day.

There are many that also will find someone, random note of encouragement, that’s it.  There are others that are longer but have the same message, you are doing great.  There are a couple of things about these that always stuck with me.  The first 100 days always made me feel like someone was making sure I was ok, someone looked for me to post roll to make sure I stayed clean. The second thing that got me was that almost every message I got had the subject of “Hey”.  I always thought, why is that the subject?  It was the other day it hit me, they probably do that for a ton of people and don’t feel like thinking up a subject.  But I know how great I felt as a new quitter to see a message that said “hey” along with a few words of advice or just that they noticed what day and wanted to help you.

If you have an extra minute when you post roll in the morning, go pick a new quitter, click his user name and send him a quick “Hey”.  It doesn’t take long and you never know when you save someone’s quit with a “Hey”.  Try it, see if you remember your first month here, I bet you remember exactly how “hey” made you feel.

klark – Day 1018

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