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It May Just Be Time… Finally

I wasn’t slim when I quit.  I’m sure as hell not a skinny dude now.  In fact, for 4+ years now since I’ve quit I’ve been trying to deal with my “quit weight”.  It’s time for me to face the fact that this just isn’t “quit weight” but it’s “fat ass” weight.  I’ve got guys in my group that have either lost the weight that they put on when they quit, or never put it on to begin with.  Fuckers.

The real bitch about all of this is I know it’s completely 100% my fault.  Sure I may have eaten a TAD bit more during the initial stages of my quit, but if I’m being honest with myself it’s cause I shovel garbage into my mouth each and every day.  There have been days where I’ll literally eat fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and THEN go home and have dinner with my family.  That’s just not right for a variety of reasons.

I’ve done all the fad diets (Atkins, South Beach, etc.) and I’ve gone the “starve myself for a couple of days” route as well.  That shit doesn’t work (for me at least).  Atkins would certainly work for me if I’d stick with it, but alas I can’t for too long.  So… that leaves me with the one thing that has been successful in the past: eating less and working out more.  FUCK.  There was a time when I was an athlete.  Honestly, I was a pretty damn good athlete for a lot of years.  I’m not scared of going back to that life, but I know that it’s going to lead to a lot of changes (and not just to my waistline).

I’m not willing to give up time with my family so that means that I won’t be able to work out after work (which is what I’d prefer).  My work schedule is such that I really can’t workout during the day so that leave me with one option… before work.  That sucks cause I’m a night person and that’s going to have to change.  There’s no way that I can stay up to 2:00 AM and then drag my ass out of bed at 6:00 AM or before to get a workout in.  So… looks like ol Chewie’s gonna have to give up being a night owl.  CRAP.  Stay tuned.

Chewie – Day 1,550

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