Keep Your Friends CloseI have approached to be what I think is an important milestone in my quit. Yesterday I reached 500 days. I actually did spend some time reflecting on that most of the day and came across some different ideas.

First, I realized that 500 days is a lot of days to be quit. But I am still quit for today, and nothing else matters. I am always one dip away from a cave and no amount of days next to my username can stop that.

Second, 500 days still means to me that my quit is in it’s infancy. Yes, that seems like a huge number, but I dipped for MUCH longer than that, I’m not patting myself on the back. I still need to be just as committed today as I was on day one.

Third, it has been my boys that have helped keep me going for this amount of time. What’s crazy about that is I have only met one person from KTC, but feel that I am extremely close to about 10. My wife thinks I’m crazy for this, texting continuously, calling, hanging out in chat, posting in a blog, but she is not an addict who has had to depend on others to get by. I am. I can’t thank my friends enough for their support. And yes, they are friends now, not just a contact name in my phone. Griz, Dippy, Luby, Retarp, BBJ, Time, Cmark, Gator, AD, Rocket, Markr, I love you guys and what we have become together, and what we have shared together. I owe at least 49% of my quit to you.

Finally, the last thing I realized is that you must keep KTC or any quit site for that matter CLOSE. You CANNOT stay away. You have to post, you have to keep in touch, you must check in… and on a consistent basis. For me, it HAS to be everyday. Maybe for you it’s different, so what. Stay close. I have been successful TODAY because I keep my boys close and KTC close. Don’t forget to do the same. I typically do not like making universal statements like that, but for this, I am certain it is true. FU

dforbes ~ 501