Kenny's Cancer Relief FundHi everyone I wanted to update you a little bit on what’s going on with the cancer. As most of you know I do have lymphoma in three lymph nodes in my neck. But that’s just the secondary cancer. Their sending me to a head and neck oncologist the 15th of this month to do more tests and biopsies. Really draging their feet now. I was the 6th of January but I bugged them enough they finally moved it up some. So still stuck in limbo right now about what the primary cancer is and what kind and stage it’s into. The waiting is the most difficult part. I will let everyone know as soon as I find out more . I sure appreciate the help it’s keeping me off the streets for a couple monthscat least. Merry Christmas!!! And remember the reason for the season!! Love ya’s Kenny

Update 12/16/2015

Hi everyone!
I said I would update everyone when I received more information Well I went to the Head and neck oncologist specialist today down at UCSD. Its the teaching Hospital in La Jolla. And something that is pretty dang cool that happened for me is that they just got a new Dr. In from John’s Hopkins back east. His specialty is the exact same kind of Cancer he thinks I have which is Squamous Cell Carcinoma. And he’s the teacher not the student. So here is the deal, they still haven’t located the primary source of the cancer so this is where is starts to suck. First of all he’s going to do surgery on me to look at and probably take out my lower tonsils and my adnoids which he said is extremely painful. He said I have lots of swelling back there.The reason why he’s doing this is to try to pinpoint where the primary cancer is. If he can do this he said the treatment is way less invasive. Otherwise he has to nuke my whole neck and face region. that’s the other bad news. He says I have to have both radiation and kemo. Another thing he told me is the kind of cancer that I have comes from usually two kinds of cancer. One is from tobacco and we all know i chewed for 40 years and the other comes from a disease called HPV which most people contract in their 20’s. Well he doesn’t think mine is from the tobacco which is huge. Just look at or Tony Gwyen about chewing snuff. So the one he thinks I have is way easier to treat and the success rate goes way up. So now I’m in limbo again waiting on the authorizations for the surgery and the radiation and kemo therapy. two different dr.’s doing this. So it’s a waiting game again I just hope not as long this time. Oh ya he wants to take biopsy of everything. I hope I haven’t left anything out, if i have i’m sure Pamba will let me know. She went with me and is being a huge help. Kenny

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