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My Story

If you find yourself here reading this you have quit tobacco or want to quit chewing, dipping, smoking or whatever your pleasure is or was. Chances are you are like me or someone else here who has a story to share. I would like to share my story as it is today in the hope that it can help just one more person kick the habit that was killing us all.
I chewed snuff for 25 years and smoked on an off during that time as well. I made several half ass attempts to quit. I tried cutting back, switching to bandits, using the patch, using the gum, using nicotine lozenges, and finally just chewing on cigars because I told myself that I was no longer using then. I was looking for an easy way out, a quit without the pain. 88 days ago my wife found another can that I forgot to hide and asked me to tell our 3 year old son what it was, I was sick with myself. That was the last time I wanted to be ashamed of something I chose to do. When I got to work that morning I started to search the internet for the silver bullet. I found a lot of information on how the patch helps and all kinds of fun fluffy stuff that made me feel good but very little that would actually help a person quit this horrible addiction. After a few hours of looking (all with a big dip in by the way) I found myself in the chat room. The guys I met in there that day were not offering free hugs or an easy way out. The only answer was to flush that poison down the toilet and start quitting. Oh I argued with everyone there, I knew it all and everyone else was full of shit. They did not let up. Bets were made as to whether or not I would still be around 4 days later. I laughed it off but as the day wore on I got mad. Who were these strangers to tell me I could not do something? They did not know me. As it turns out they did know me, very well. I am just like you and every other addict out there. I was being controlled by nicotine and was blind to its true power over me. That day I posted my first roll call, my commitment to not use nic in any form that day and I have posted every day since. It has been a hard road and I have wanted to cave many times but I am a man of my word and I give my word every morning. That has meant more to me than I can ever explain.
The point I am trying to make is that I am not unique. Chances are I am just like you or someone you know. I use to think that I would never kick this, too far gone and used too many years by now. Well I was wrong. Oh it’s not the end of the road for me by any stretch. I still have to take it one day at a time and commit to my quit brothers every day that I will not use. The main difference between today and 88 days ago, hope, I know that with the support I have found I can get through today and tomorrow. That is all I need for now. I promise that the pride you will feel overcoming this addiction is way better than any feeling you will get from shoving that crap in your mouth. I hope that you the reader were not expecting some grand statement with new information or clever tricks to get you through the tough spots in your quit. The fact is there are no tricks. Get support and commit to being nicotine free every day.

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  1. wvsuper, that story is a grand statement, you embraced the fact that you are an addict and did what most won’t do which is quit. Great job.

  2. Reading your story it almost feels like it was written by me about me – that is what is great about this place. 7 days free and posting roll tomorrow for 8th – and the next and so forth, one day at a time. Congrats on your success.

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