Why I Wear The Shirt

Supporting QuittersAs you may or may not have noticed, the KTC running shirt has made it’s second appearance in the store. I had a reason for asking for it when I did it the first time, I wanted people to ask questions and be interested in the story. I would still be using today if it was not for KTC and I know I would not be running, Here is how I got to the point of wanting the shirt.

When I quit dipping I ate a lot, I guess more the oral fixation more than anything. I always said I could lose weight, I can’t get my face back. In looking back, I wish when I ate I did it healthy and I didn’t.  I started going to the gym but always found that life got in the way.  I finally started running because let’s face it, sidewalks never close.  I use my shirt as a reminder, when I get tired it’s a good reminder that I did this to me.  I used something to replace my addiction and made it harder to run.

I am proud of my quit and in my mind it’s the reason I started running.  We always say we want people to know about the site, think if you wear the shirt to a race and one person asks you what kill the can is about,  If I help one person realize they can beat their addiction then it was worth wearing.


klark – day 1365


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