NetworkingThis past week I have been going crazy! I am freaking out over a giant exam I have coming up. Instead of studying for it, I find myself writing this (makes sense, right?). Maybe it is the music that I am listening to that brought me to do so, or maybe it is because studying is a big trigger for me? Who knows.

I asked Chewie to set me up on this early into my quit, but I never posted anything. I never knew what to write down because I was still new into my quit. If you asked me 231 days ago if I was going to quit dipping or join a quitters website, I would have laughed at you. Why? I was naive. I kept telling myself, “none of this would happen to me”. Guess what? It did, and I was welcomed to KTC a few days later.

In the early stages of my quit I didn’t think this type of tool would work for me, and I would eventually fade away. I love looking back and seeing how wrong I was! For me, the best part of this website is the relationships you build with others. I can go and talk to those that have never dipped and they just don’t get it, they cant grasp how powerful the addiction is. Here at KTC, it is the polar opposite, everyone is here for a reason and that is to quit! Networking and giving the time to meet others has enhanced my quitting experience very much. If you try to do this alone, the stress can build and be overwhelming at times. When you network with others and put the effort into learning more about fellow quitters, you will have someone to go to in a time of need or just a simple conversation. Most days I look forward to talking to some of the people that I met at KTC versus some of my best friends of 18 years. By investing yourself into your quit will not only help yourself, but you never know who else you help along the way. KTC is much more than a brotherhood, we’re a family.

Big Red-231 days quit

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