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I understand the twitch. The driving force that has no other concern. You need something. All else takes a back seat. You will do anything, make up any rationalization, any excuse to feed the master. In your mind, it is owed to you. You deserve it because of blah blah blah. It’s only this one time. I will pay attention to my girlfriend, wife, child tomorrow. Tomorrow turns into tomorrow. Tomorrow turns into next weekend. Next weekend turns into I will try harder. No matter the excuse, it is simply that, an excuse.

What are you giving up to serve this master? There is an inherent truth when you serve this master, there is no true reward. None. It is a perpetual fucking cycle. Like a rat on a treadmill. You just keep on keepin on.

I will tell you of the expense. The price you have paid over the past years and decades. You have sacrificed that which is most important. What is important will very from individual to individual. Regardless, you have sacrificed. Was it worth it? Your life and well being is what is important. You have squandered that long enough.

It is not too late to take back your life. If you were anything like me, you were not living, you were existing to feed the master. Again, everything else took a backseat.

I will not let go of what I have recovered. I have recovered me. I choose to spend my time the way I want to. I am no longer a slave, punching a fucking clock for an addiction.

I will sleep in today, not worrying about getting up to have a dip. I will take a shower and go to work, without worrying when I can have my next dip. I will have a meeting and pay attention because I am not worrying about having my next dip. I will come straight home without delay because I don’t need to waste time having a dip. I will talk to my wife and my children. I will listen to my wife and my children because I don’t need to dip. I will do many many things because I don’t need to dip.

I will do the things that make life worth living because I do not need a dip.

I do not need a dip. I do not want a dip. That was a lie the master told me. I am no longer a slave.

Freedom has a price. The price so happens to be, in this situation, a choice not to be a slave. Yes, you are addicted. But no one is forcing you to be a slave. The price of freedom is your decision to endure discomfort for several days. And then it’s a fucking mind game, because being a slave was always a choice. There were no guards with guns. There were no chains. There was no prison. The only prison is the one you built and maintained for yourself.

I know the road to freedom. I was shown by many who still grace this site. For those who traveled before me and with me, there are no words. What price can you place on freedom? Freedom is that important and that precious. I will continue to walk this road and lend a hand to those who are in need. That is how I was saved. That is how I will help save others.

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Ready steps off his soap box and mumbles a kind thank you to everyone who endured his ramblings of madness.

2 Replies to “THE TWITCH”

  1. Well done Ready. You ARE paying it forward to guys like me who are walking in YOUR footsteps. Like you said, there are no words to express my gratitude. I’m proud to quit with you today.

  2. I love the rambling. We have all been her bitch all we can do now it tell her not any more. Stories from others make us all stronger. Thanks, I quit with you today!

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