20 Days in, Craves Hitting Hard

A Never Ending BattleI work the midnight shift, I am a Union Steward, and I was working on a couple grievances last night in my union office and BAM!! a crave hit me outta no where.

Now before you think it…I DID NOT CAVE!! (pats self on back). Now I don’t want to get cocky, cause I know that once I think that I’ve got this bitch whipped, she is going to come right back, catch me off guard and stomp all over my ass. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not an ex-dipper, but a dipper that don’t use that crap anymore.
I write this as a reminder to not give in, I hope that someone reads it and either is reminded as well, or will leave a comment to help motivate me to hang in there.

I don’t think the fight is over, and the battle will rage on. It’s a never ending battle that I see many fighting daily on killthecan.org even after some have been quit for years, they still post, why? Cause they need motivation from you and me. I will post daily (haven’t missed a day yet) since my quit 20 days ago, and I am sure that I will be here year after year.

This is OUR war against a drug that ruled us, and these are OUR battles that we help each other fight on killthecan. Motivate yourself and each other, and never, ever let your guard down.

This is just one way I am fighting, so how ever you do it, if it’s working, keep doing it but remember…….STAY STRONG, STAY QUIT!

2 Replies to “20 Days in, Craves Hitting Hard”

  1. Hang in the Jake – you’re DEFINITELY not alone on this journey and I know there are people following along with you here on Quit4Today. You’re DOING IT!!

  2. Hang in there brother! I know it sucks, I’m on day 3 and I want a chew of Copenhagen so bad I could knock off a liquor store for it! HAHA All you know how it feels, it sucks, it’s pain, it’s mental…but we all are OVERCOMERS! WE MAKE THE RULES! That garbage will not go into our mouth ever again!! WE ALL HAVE POWER OVER THIS!! HANG ON BROTHER, YOU CAN DO IT! I KNOW YOU CAN!!

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