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Puppy DogA little over two years ago I lost my dog of 11 years. I loved that dog, her loss devastated me, hell I still get a little emotional thinking about her. After all that time and my wife’s persistence I relented and few weeks ago adopted a puppy, she’s a lot of fun, cute as hell and a pain it the ass but hey she’s a puppy.

What’s this got to do with KTC and my quit? Well ever since I got the puppy I have taken her with me in the car no matter what a nut job she is when we are driving around. I haven’t been that crazy about walking her constantly, I am just way more chill with this dog than I was with the last one and it really pisses me off.

Like I said I loved my old dog I should of had her with me all the time but I wanted to be alone with my dip, and it might not of been as peaceful a drive or as relaxing when I parked somewhere so my ninja ass could suck up my poison in peace. Even worse I used the poor dog to get my fix when my wife was around. Dog might be perfectly happy chilling by the fire with my wife and I but she had to get her walk in the crappy weather so I could stuff my lip.

Getting the new pup and taking her with me, walking her when it’s good to walk her and not dragging her around so I could sneak a dip,
everybody is happier.

Kind of crazy that getting a puppy could make me realize once again what a complete ass I was when I was a slave, and make me realize once again how much better life is free.

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