The Road to Recovery

Road To RecoverySince I began my journey 11 days ago, I never really understood how bad chewing tobacco really was. I just thought it was something cool that gave me energy and kept me awake, but little did I know about the chemicals I was stuffing in my lip. It never occurred to me that this very stuff was trying to kilI me,slowly, one day at a time.On top of the health risks that came with it, I was supporting the BIG tobacco companies and paying their fat paychecks. Man what a Dumbass I was! I had quit on many occaisons but it never lasted more than three days. On July 21, 2012, something was different when I woke up that morning. I had found the KTC website the night before and had started reading HOF speeches, introductions, and also information on cancer. Needless to say it was a huge eye opener for me and I was bound an determined to quit instantly instead of trying to quit.

As soon as I posted my introduction I started getting messages from people I didn’t even know, who offered to support me in my quit. It was overwhelming to say the least. Every since that day I have met some interesting people, all working towards the same goal. We are all addicts that quit tobacco one day at a time. Each morning when I wake up, I get on KTC and pledge I will not use tobacco today because it is my duty. I will not let my brothers down and the mere thought of caving will ruin everything I have worked for, as well as break the barrier of trust. I pledge that I will not use tobacco today. Day 11 Quit Like Fuck!!! To my wife Melissa, and my son Truman, I love you Guys!!!

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  1. Keep it all in mind, and keep very close to this site. It will save you, one day at a time. I am 400+ days and still stay close…

  2. Yeah, this is going to be tough. I’ll handle it. I’m expected to be THE Health Guy, all while secretly dipping for 20+ years. Today is the day. No more smokeless tobacco. Will visit the site daily. I truly thought I was the only person with this love/hate tobacco relationship. Thank the Gods that I never tried cigarettes!
    Stay healthy!
    I will stop because you did!

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