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April 26th 2011. Day One.

Day one (Officially)
I’m a can-a-day dipper. Copenhagen Snuff. I think I did 2 dips yesterday. It wasn’t something I consciously decided to do (or not do). My stomach had been feeling weird for a few days and my wife wondered if it was from the tobacco. I don’t think it was. My guess is all the coffee and booze. Could have been the lamb at Easter dinner on Sunday. But yesterday morning on my drive into work, I didn’t pop in a dip. Dunno why. I always pop in a dip on my way to work. Usually after my coffee. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any coffee either. I listened to Boomer and Carton on the Fan, Mike and Mike on ESPN. And just never put that dip in. I knew I had about 3 dips left in the can.
Usually before I get to the office I stop at the Mobile Mart and pick up a tin of Cope. I passed right by it yesterday. That’s when I slowly started to think that yesterday would be the day I quit.
It wasn’t yesterday though. I got to the office and sat at my desk. Worked on a few things – checked my calendar and saw that I didn’t have any meetings until 11:00. That was my trigger to put in one of those dips. When I did and looked at the can, I regretted not stopping at the Mobile Mart. No worries though. I can head over there at lunch. After my 11:00 meeting, I popped in another dip. Unfortunately, this was the last one. That third dip would have to be a baby dip. But I started to think this was something I could do. I’ve quit before. Not for any long stretches.  7 Days is my record, I think. I’ve been dipping for 25 years. Probably more, but 25 is a good conservative estimate.
So after that second dip was done and it was time for the third one, I headed out. Down the elevator. Instead of making a left after the turn-style to get to my car, I made a right. Into the mini Bodega. Not to get dip – they’re way too expensive, they never have Cope, and when they do, it’s always old. I went to the bodega to get seeds. They didn’t have regular seeds – just nacho cheese seeds. That’d have to do. At this point I was fully committed to giving this a shot. That was at about 2:30 yesterday. That baby dip still sat in my jacket pocket. I knew it was there.  On the drive home, I ate seeds until my mouth was raw. Last night after putting the kids to bed, I had one beer. Then went to bed. Can’t dip when you’re sleeping. Tomorrow’s another day, I thought.
When I woke this morning up I felt fantastic. 10 hours of sleep. Refreshed and rejuvenated. Baby dip in my jacket pocket, just in case, but I’m pretty sure today will be day one. I hope it will be. Had coffee on the drive to work. It takes about 45 minutes to get here, so I kind of milked the coffee – knowing I wouldn’t have time to enjoy the baby dip. When I got to the garage, I checked on the baby dip to see how small it was. It was small. Enough, but small. I walked by a garbage can and threw it in. That was it. No more baby dip.
It’s now 4:00. By this time on a normal day I would have had almost a full can. I’ve had 3 sticks of Extra Polar Ice, 1/3 of a bag of sunflower seeds, two squares of nicorette, and I’ve signed up on
My hands are starting to shake a little bit. I haven’t hit the head yet. That’s usually when I enjoy a nice, quiet dip. I’m going to call today day one. It’s been over 24 hours.
I hope that I’m writing about this again tomorrow. Otherwise I’ve failed. Again.
Blogger’s Note: I started my own personal blog on April 26th just for myself. When I saw Q4T and realized I could be blogging here, I decided to move my content over. I have two other blog posts – but I’ll post those in sequence. Oh yeah – and I have no idea how to blog, so my ramblings will all be stream of consciousness stuff… sorry if it’s confusing.
Today is Day 3. This entry is about Day 1.

2 Replies to “April 26th 2011. Day One.”

  1. I just learned that some on KTC (perhaps many) feel that Nicorette is unacceptable. I personally don’t believe that – but I will abide by that sentiment. When I post roll in the future, I will do so without nicorette as an option.

    If I’ve offended anyone by posting roll and chewing Nicorette, I apologize.

  2. per034 – It’s not that it’s not an acceptable form of cessation as it is. However, we keep roll call nicotine free which would include Nicorette. Feel free to use the forums, this blog, etc. and once you’re nic free post away! Looking forward to reading your progress!

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