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Why does KTC work?

It has been said over, and over again. Often times by guys far smarter and far more articulate than I; however, when I was thinking about the National Spit Tobacco Summit, and the involvement of KTC, I started wondering, “Why does KTC work?”

If you don’t know, KTC is a strict no nicotine site. We believe and subscribe to the cold turkey method. We don’t believe in NRT’s. Some of us (myself included) have tried and used Chantix, or Welbutrin, or other prescription drugs, but most of us (I am one) throw that junk out when we find KTC. So why would I disregard the advice of my own physician and listen to a bunch of strangers who I probably will never meet? Simple reason: they are addicts too.

My physician is a former dipper. He knows first-hand how hard it is to quit. I told him about KTC, and he says he’s advised some of his “thicker skinned” patients about it. But he is still amazed I’ve made it 421 consecutive days without ingesting nicotine, on sheer will power. So how does this rag tag band of addicts help each other quit? Well, I think I’ve figured out part of it.

It’s our diversity, I think. We have all walks of life, from all kinds of experiences, from all over the country, and the world – literally. I don’t think we have a single physician in the whole lot, but I could be wrong. The truth is, we have everything you need all in one spot. I’ll be a little more specific.

If you want to hear about the life of an addict, how and why they act the way they do, addict mentality, and how your addiction doesn’t fill any void, it only creates one…Smokey is your man. Smokey can always take a new guy’s post and nail it for what it is: addict talk.

If you need to get mad at Big Tobacco, or rail against the companies that target young people to get them hooked on nicotine, you need to hang out with Greg5280. That guy has done his research. He KNOWS that stuff inside and out. Greg is a guy that can carry that banner and help you channel that anger to a healthy place and help you pick an enemy to do battle against.

If you need some fatherly ass-kicking, some “Why are you being such a dumbass?” type tough love, well, you can use the tri-fecta of Mule, Ready and Loot.

Now, of course I didn’t mention EVERYONE, and there are others here that help like you can’t understand unless you’ve been there.

Where do I fit in? Well, I have guys that use the moniker of Bad Ass Quitter when they describe me. It’s humbling, because I don’t consider anything about me to be Bad Ass. What’s my approach? Well, I’m a coach. It really didn’t dawn on me until I had a considerable number of days under me that I coach. Why would I try to be more than that? I definitely look at guys that are struggling, frustrated, maybe really confused or plain old scared. My help (I hope) comes when I help pick a guy up, and set him straight. Don’t get me wrong, I provide tough love. There is very little room for excuses with me, but show me any good coach that allows his players or team to offer excuses when they perform poorly. Bottom line, there are a number of guys that gravitate to this approach, just like guys will really take a post by Ready to heart, or re-read when Greg posts about the tobacco company’s newest approach to market new consumers, or when Smokey really lights someone up and says, “It wasn’t nicotine that was filling the void, it was nicotine that was creating it.”

Bottom line – KTC works. Is it for everyone? No. We are crass, vulgar, rude, and generally full of jackwagonery. Do we look out for each other? Hell yea. Do we take our quits seriously? No, we guard them with our lives! We have walked the road to our freedom, and we are willing, ready and able to help you walk the road yourself. You can’t buy the kind of support and knowledge you are going to get at KTC. That’s what non-addicts don’t understand, but that IS why KTC works.

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