DeepyDeeDont Mind DumpHere is my first post, no rough draft, no revisions, no proofreading.  I am writing for my health.

It has been 27 days since my last intake of the deadly well known carcinogen as well as alcohol. Big deal! the non addicted might say. Well, it is a big deal for those of us that have managed to stop the nasty habit.

Why do we start this Nasty habit? Do you remember your first dip? think back, where were you? who was around you? Who offered it to you? was it cold or hot out? How did it make you feel, physically and psychologically?

I’ll share some of my story with you today.

Why Did I start? I started because I wanted to be part of the cool crowd when I was a teenager. If I knew then what I know now. It represented manly behavior and athleticism, yet it did neither, but the lie was more shiny and truer than the real truth. Unbelievable!!.

Do I remember my first Dip? I certainly do. My best bud and I were hanging out in my car and he offered me some Levi Garret, tried it, made me puke. After I recovered from my body’s rejection of this poison, I tried it again and this time it managed to stay. After that it took a couple of times to try it until I finally managed to keep the tobacco in my mouth without regurgitating, I was hooked.

I think I covered who was around me and who offered it to me. Was it cold or hot out? I remember it was cold because I had to open the door of my car to puke as I mentioned before and I remember feeling the frigid wind blasting everywhere, but I had worse problems at that moment to worry too much about it.

How did it make me feel physically and psychologically? well I think I covered a bit on the physical part, however, aside from the sickening sensation there was a rush of fake power, slight dizziness, and the spitting of that disgusting concoction of saliva and thousand carcinogens provided the illusion of being cool, manliness and athleticism or did it? Well it did at the time and i think that covers the psychological part of the addiction for me.

For years I stayed with the chew, it was sweet and I don’t remember it being as powerful as the snuff, perhaps because I was still young, all knowing and invincible or perhaps because it is weaker, I have not done that research, but I will and I will come back here and post it as soon as I can. In any case I “graduated” to the big leagues as i call it by starting to dip on different types of snuff. I tried different brands and settled for skoal, with their alluring different flavors and could also be concealed a lot better than a big pouch of chew, I was hooked even deeper.

And almost 3 decades later here I am, getting rid of this Nasty Habit. Stay Strong!!