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Quit Now, Not Tomorrow

Everyone knows a story of someone close to them who is dying or has died from something very random and “undeserved.” I’m struggling with that right now as a close friend of mine has been diagnosed with Leukemia in the past couple of weeks, just before Christmas.  He has already gone through a round of chemo, and really isn’t doing well. Why do I talk about this now when it really has nothing to do with being quit? He was not an addict of any sort… well, maybe, but in a different sense as you will learn.

I was in the live chat (FU dippshit, he knows what I mean!) and every once in a while a prospective quitter enters and everyone tries to get him to quit. He would hesitate and say that he would wait until tomorrow, or for another couple of days. Why? I guess an answer would be “what difference does it make?” Well, probably none. But fuck, flush the shit. Who the hell are we to take life for granted… again, while someone like my friend is dying for no reason?

We have been pissing life away for x number of years, throwing caution to the wind because we were slaves. Hopefully, none of us comes down with anything, let alone anything life threatening. My friend happens to be a surgeon, and a very good general surgeon in my area. He has climbed Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua. Ran the multiday ultra marathon in Morocco. Done 14+ Ironman races, and has completed the Furnace Creek 508 which is a bike race he did solo for 508 miles in CA through Death Valley with tens of thousands of feet of elevation gain, heat, wind, and cold, all under 48 hours….twice. Oh, did I mention that his wife’s father died of it when she was 13…and oh, that his daughter 20 years ago died of it at the age of 3.

Yea, that’s right, who the fuck are we to be playing Russian Roulette with our lives? If you want to quit, stop being a goddamn selfish pussy, telling yourself that tomorrow you will be prepared. Bullshit. Do it now and be done with it because you, me, anyone, has no goddamn right to be doing it one second longer. Life is too short and precious for this selfish addiction. You may be the next victim, but you will NOT be the innocent friend who didn’t deserve it….you will be the one who did.  Quit.  NOW.

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