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Keep Paying it Forward My Brothers and Sisters

What I have found over the past couple hundred days of my quit is that many things contribute to it. Yes, my own resolve is one of the biggest factors, but the influence and support of KTC members has also been key. As I look at my inbox, I see a multitude of names. Some of them are from recent correspondence, some are older, single messages from names I haven’t seen since my first week of being quit. Funny thing about some of those names; I do not feel obligated replying to them. The reason, they were simple PM’s with words of encouragement. They were rhetoric. No response was necessary. I understood the message and a conversation was not the point. The point was to suck it up, be quit for today, and keep your word. What else did I need to add to that?

Those few PM’s early in my quit really helped. I’ve come to realize in the past month or so that KTC is a community. A community of quitters. More appropriately, a brotherhood. What’s the difference? A community has members within a certain niche. A brotherhood is still in that niche, but all its members have a common interest for each others well being; that, is a specific common thread. Our brotherhood is specific to being quit from nicotine. Everything else we have in common is just icing on the cake.

I absolutely feel a bond now with the brotherhood. No matter whether I know you or not, I feel an obligation toward you. I want you to be quit for you. But your quit will also make mine stronger. I want to start helping others as some had done for me. They, and my new friends now, and all of you reading this, and all of you future quitters, and all of you in my brotherhood, make my quit strong.

So the infinite circle goes, we continue to be steadfast in our own quit yet through this resolve we strengthen those around us in our brotherhood. Through this blog, through support in random quit groups, through live chat, and through random texts, I, we, all, have to continue with our mission of being quit and at the same time watching each others backs. Giving out cell numbers, talking shit at lunch time, meeting each other at a gatherings. Let us begin to spread our resolve to those we can reach. Pick a few random names, drop them a line every month or so of encouragement. Talk some shit with me on chat during lunch, make plans to hang with a brother/sister in your travels.

We all quit in different ways through different methods.  ALL of us can benefit from your strength. My quit is strong today because of YOU. I thank YOU. It is now my duty to do the same. Thank YOU, my brothers and sisters in quit of KTC.


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