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Success comes in Cans.

If you’re an athlete, or a coach you may have heard this before: Success comes in ‘Cans’, NOT ‘can’ts’.

Here are few things I can do:

I can post roll today.

I can keep my word.

I can come back tomorrow.

I can mow the lawn without a dip.

I can change the oil in my car without a dip.

I can pay at the pump instead of going into the C-Store.

I can call my quit brother when I have a crave.

I can look my wife in the eye and KNOW I am not lying to her.

I can play ball with my kids because I’m not hiding out to have a dip.

I can spend time with my family.

I can kiss my wife without fear that “She’ll know”.

I can stay quit for the next 5 minutes because the craving is so bad I want to pull my eyes out.

I can rage in the forums rather than scream at my kids.

I can taste food better.

I can call my dentist and keep that appointment.

I can help another quitter that’s having a bad day.

I can……

Well? What CAN you do?

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