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The Spite Dip

This is one crave that sneaks up on me a lot. Maybe because I’m married, maybe because of the holidays…well, probably because I’m married! You get done with some stupid squabble and say to yourself, “well f this, I’ll pinch one.” Yea, “f this,”?  That line of thinking makes total sense right? She was one of the ones who pushed for my quit all these years, wouldn’t this just chap her ass?  You all know the answer.  But yet, this type of thinking still pops into my head…especially pre HOF in my quit.  We continuously need to remind our nic starving minds that no, another pinch for whatever reason, will not change a thing.  Nothing will be different after you pinch it.  After 17 years of spite dips, rally dips, fuck it dips, whatever name dip we’ve all had, nothing ever changed after it other than our addict body’s just got another shot of shit into its system.

Please reconsider that spite dip, it was one of the biggest reasons for me to dip.  Just remember that the spite dip is pretty much like resentment….you are taking a poison and hoping the other person dies from it.  It will never happen that way.

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Merry Christmas quitters!!!!

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