Whether you are quit or thinking about quitting you should always beware of the stage(s) I call the crossroads. Looking back at all the times I tried to quit this is where I lost or just plain old gave up on my quit.

The crossroads are an “if / then” game your mind will play with you. Here are some examples: If I still dipped I would get more work done; if I still dipped I would have better sales at work; every thing is going wrong because I quit dipping.

These are all excuses and we have all had to cross these in our quit. Anyone that has tried to quit multiple times have probably failed at these points too. The crossroads can be beat and a look around the halls at KTC show it can be done.

There is one thing to keep in mind when you face these crossroads. They are “THE” battle and to win you only need guts. You are quit and will continue to be quit when you decide you have more guts than your mind can give you excuses.

I referred to the crossroads as stage(s) because you may hit these a few times during your quit. During the inital week and through some of the funks you may have several each day. Mindset going into your quit may help control this. Your initial conviction to never dip again may be a predicate for just how little or how much your mind will screw with you.

Each victory you have at the crossroads makes the next a little easier and they get farther apart. In time you will manage these with little effort and be able to see how ridiculous they really are. The example of, if I still dipped I would have better sales at work, may be quickly brushed aside with a reminder that its November and your sales always slump in November.

None of our quits will ever be exactly the same but the crossroads seem to be very consistent. Be prepared and be ready to have the guts to power through all the if/then(s) and you will find yourself well on the way to being quit.

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