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How Does It Feel?

I hit the Hall of Fame on 11/02/10 and one of the questions I was asked most was “How does it feel?” My initial response was “great” and that was that.

I woke up this morning and while posting roll it felt different. I really saw the triple digits and something sunk in.

I know I have much more quitting to do but I realized that I feel just a little safer with that distance from my last dip. It is not a feeling that I conquered my addiction nor a thought that I can relax in my fight. I don’t know if words can even describe it but I hit a milestone that gives me a little more confidence that I didn’t “loose my best friend.”

Instead I know I am defeating my enemy and have left that enemy mortally wounded and am walking forward now. I now see that for 99 days I was watching that enemy suffer. Now I just don’t care to watch. Now I live my life. So I now can answer with conviction to all that asked “how does it feel?” It feels like I am living my life now instead of my addiction doing it for me.

That my friend feels amazing.

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