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Bundle Your Quit

What do I mean by “bundle your quit?”

Make quitting dip just one part of an overall plan to change your life for the better.

Bundle your quit with a new diet, another needed quit, going to the gym or starting a new and more aggressive gym routine, begin meditating, learning to play an instrument, ALL OF THE ABOVE! You aren’t just quiting dipping you’re creating a better YOU.

For myself I find the thought of quitting a lot less daunting when I view it as just a small part of a larger undertaking. I don’t have as much time to focus on quitting dipping when I have so many other things on my plate to concentrate on.

Doing a 180 in life can be an incredible motivation. All of a sudden you’re feeling better, both physically and mentally, and looking better. There’s a physical change that doesn’t occur when you only quit dipping, but when you bundle your quit you associate it with all of these other positives happening in your life.

I can only explain it as an unstoppable freight train of motivation and can-do attitude. You begin to feel so much better that you would never do anything to screw it up. You get caught up in creating a better you, obsessed.

It’s not for everyone. It takes focus, dedication and time.

Take this opportunity to not just make a single positive change in your life but many.

As A Side Note: I just wanted to add this. I think almost everyone on KTC will agree that the most important thing you can do to successfully quit is to quit for yourself. Not for anyone else, quit for YOU. I believe that this tip is the greatest piece of advice I can offer simply because bundling your quit into a self-improvement program fosters this quit for yourself mindset, whether you started with it or not.

Bundle Your Quit

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