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Embrace the Chat

Good morning, all you dip-quit reprobates! Instigator here. I’m about to drop some knowledge on ya’.

If you are reading this, you are very likely already a part of the quit brotherhood, struggling every day to put dip as far behind you as possible. Going on day 320 now, I know your struggles and your pains. Been there, and will be there again as I will always be a recovering addict.

I want to highlight one of the most underutilized tools on this site–the chat room. KTC has a live chat room that you can go into and talk about–anything.

For the newer quitter, chat is a great opportunity to get advice from vets on quitting. It’s also a great place to get non-sensical distractions in the form of jibberish. Either way, if you are in chat, your mind is preoccupied and rallied against the crave of dip.

For the grizzled, seasoned, hardened stud vet like klark, it’s also a great place to just talk with guys you’ve become friends with while NOT enjoying a good steak.

While a good chat night will bring between 10-15 people at any given time, we need to use it more. You have a crave struggle? Go into chat. Someone is probably there. You want some advice, or want to give some advice? Peak in. Let’s start seeing this tool emphasized more in the toolbox.


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