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Quit vs. Quitting

They look the same. Quit or Quitting? Is there a difference? I’m sure it’s been discussed before by people far smarter than I, but since the June 2011 group started, I’ve been thinking a lot about these two words and their differences. New quitters might not recognize it, but the guys that have a couple zeroes after their Days might know just what I’m talking about.

You’ll see a lot of roll call posts, “I’m quitting today.” Or, “I’m quitting with you”. Usually you see these up top in the Quitters section. Down below, you might see, “Quit.” Or, “I’m quit with June.” Is there a difference? Maybe not, but I think there is.

‘Quitting’ is an act. It’s a verb. It’s something you have to consciously do. It takes effort, and is an on-going thing. ‘Quit’ is a state of mind. I am quit today. There is NO way possible that I will cave…today.

I think that all successful quitters make that transition from Quitting to Quit. Does it happen at 100 days? Not necessarily. I think it can happen before that, sometimes after that, or unfortunately for some, not at all. Everyone is different. You have your ‘Quit date’, but your ‘Quit Mindset’ may come much, much later. Look at a new group and how much the new guys are struggling. Think of all the triggers they will have to walk through. Look at a long time quitter that has come back to post a Day 1. They either lost their Quit Mindset, or never truly had it.

I understand this is a lifetime battle. I know there is no finish line. I am not saying I am better than any other addict here, or that I have more will power, or anyone else is weak. All I’m saying is, today – I KNOW I cannot cave, because I am QUIT.

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  1. I have to agree with TCOPE. Well done NOLAQ. For me going from “quitting” to “quit” came around the year mark (and has been cemented every day since). Thanks for the reminder!

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