My wife is away this weekend on a much needed girls retreat weekend.  This naturally means that good ol Dad gets to spend some quality time with the boys.  I wrote a while back over on the blog about how I’d lost the first 53 days of eldest son’s life to dip cause I was a dumbass and hadn’t quit yet.  As I sit here nearing the end of the first of 5 days alone with my boys I’m reminded once again why quitting dip was the best decision I’ve ever made (of course behind marrying their mother and deciding to start and continue our family).

Sure they are a pain in the ass from time to time, but what kids aren’t?  The fact that I’ve done what I needed to do to be healthy for THEM is what makes my decision so awesome.  And as I sit here watching them watch Wall-E for about the billionth time I couldn’t be happier.

Chewie – Day 1,552