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Thoughts From The 19th Floor

As I sit here today on my 1,900th dip free day in a row I realize that I’ve not said much lately in terms of my quit.  I suppose that’s a good thing cause it means that I’m no longer obsessing about my daily battles with nicotine.  I no longer  use fake dip with any regularity other than when I do reviews for the site, but I will on occasion throw one in… not because I’m craving at all.  More like I’m looking for something to do with my mouth when I’m bored (no comments please…)

These days are pretty free of any sort of thoughts of dip.  Other than my involvement with the KTC forums I rarely come in contact with the concept of dipping and I can’t remember the last time I had what I’d call a crave.  I don’t say this to “brag” to the newer quitters out there… I say it more to say, “Hang in there… it gets better.”

I ran across this video the other day and realized that in a weird sort of way this fight resembles my battle with nicotine.

For the first few minutes of the fight, Drago (the Nic Bitch) is absolutely kicking the crap out of Rocky (yours truly).  Adrian (my wife) was sitting ringside shaking her head watching me take the beating unable to help.  But through that initial ass whopping there’s always Duke ( on the outside of the ring cheering me on.  I got knocked down and bloodied early in the fight but with the help of the brotherhood I kept getting back up.

And then… something happened.  I hit the Hall of Fame (3:12 in the video)… I managed to get a shot in to cut the Bitch.  The battle was/is far from over, but I knew that I was in this fight for the long haul and that it was one that I potentially could win.  And believe me… the Nic Bitch was PISSED.  That post-Hall Of Fame funk (3:35 in the video) damn near killed me and my quit.

The next 1,800 days (the next 8 or 9 minutes in the video) have been a back and forth battle.  But just as in the video, I’m getting stronger and the Bitch is getting weaker.  Note the crowd (KTC) getting louder and louder in the video.  That’s exactly what will happen if you ALLOW it to.  Sure I’m a walking billboard for the site.  Sure I pimp the products.  But you know what… this WORKS.

I recognize that I’m a completely sappy and emotional motherfucker with it comes to my quit, but I get tears in my eyes every time I watch this video.  At the 9:30 mark Rocky’s in charge, Drago is reeling and Adrian stands up and screams, “You’re gonna do it!”

That’s right… I am gonna do it!

And just like Rocky doesn’t know if the Russian is going to get back up, I don’t know what tomorrow holds when it comes to my quit.  But you can be damn sure that I’m going to be prepared and use every single tool at my disposal to make sure I’m ready.

Thanks for reading and thanks for getting me to where I am today.

Chewie / Greg ~ 1,900 days free

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